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About Britt

Hi, I’m Britt, Freelance Writer

I work with businesses and organizations to create blog posts and website content that will help to increase website traffic, build trust with your audience and effectively relay your company’s value in your niche.

I completed my Business-Marketing Diploma at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and worked in the Digital and Social Media Marketing space before embracing my love for writing. This provides me with an in-depth understanding of content marketing and how to leverage it to benefit my clients.

Since establishing myself in the freelance writing and freelance blogging space, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients in different niches. However, my personal specialties include:

  • Pets
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Alternative culture (tattoos, piercings, paganism, spirituality)
  • Small Business
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
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My content is informative, interesting, easy to read, and formatted with the latest SEO best practices to help you increase your organic search traffic through search engines like Google and Bing. However, I also focus carefully on the user experience – there is no point in bringing traffic to your content if no one sticks around to read it!

In addition to working as a freelance writer, I have first-hand experience with my own personal blogs.

You can view my niche blogs here:

I am the Director of Content & SEO for BlogPaws, a pet media company focused on helping pet professionals build their businesses online and connect with pet parents through creating high-quality content.

Freelance writing has provided me with the ability to enjoy an incredible work-life balance. This allows my husband and I to travel frequently, camping, canoeing, hiking, and exploring this beautiful province of Ontario that we call home with our pets by our side.

What It’s Like to Work with Me

When you first contact me regarding the potential of working together, we will establish a content brief together that clearly outlines your expectations. This is a working document that you will be given permission to review and update, if necessary, before we agree upon the terms of the project. Alternatively, if you already have a brief that you use with freelance writers, we can use that.

After the scope of the work has been clearly defined, I will provide you with a contract to sign that outlines the expectations, rate, terms of payment, and other important details to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

If you have an established contract that you would like to use, I would be happy to review it and advise if it meets everything on my end or if we need to make any updates before getting started. The finished contract will be designed to protect us both! 

I will then get to work writing original and high-quality content for your website focusing on the keywords and topics outlined in the brief. My current turnaround time for a new post is 2 weeks.

Interested in discussing how I can help boost your visibility online with quality content? Contact me!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Your Fees Include Revisions?

I want to make sure that you are happy with the content that I am providing. For this reason, I include 2 rounds of revision with the cost of writing each new article.

2. How Do You Send the Content?

There are a number of different ways that I can provide you with your content, depending on your comfort level, including emailing a Word document, providing a Google Doc link, or even uploading it as a draft directly into your content management system.

3. Do You Include Relevant Images?

If you provide me with the necessary information to pull from your stock subscriptions, I would be happy to select relevant images to complement the content. Depending on the content, I may be able to provide original images at an additional cost.

4. Can You Help Me Come Up with New Topics?

Are you looking to improve your online visibility, but unsure what topics are relevant to your audience? I would be happy to book a discovery call and work through identifying the best opportunities for your business!

Passionate about helping you achieve online success through high-quality website content creation.