10 Small Business Blog Ideas for 2022

You’ve learned all about the benefits of business blogging and decided that this is the year that you are going to make it a focus in your overall marketing plan. If so, the next step is to start creating content that will perform.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you’re in luck! In this article, we are going to look at 10 small business blog ideas that can be used to help elevate your content marketing efforts. Each of the ideas on this blog topics list can be adjusted to suit nearly any niche or industry.

So, let’s get started!

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Check Out These 10 Blog Post Ideas for Small Business Blogging

Tips and Tricks for Your Product/Service

Are there certain tips that your customers should know to get the most out of your product or service? If so, this is your opportunity to improve their experience by making this information available. Once published, this is a piece of content that you can share with each customer after they make a purchase by including it in your email marketing, delivering it directly to their inbox.

Customer Success Stories

Do you have a great testimonial from a customer that you believe will relate to your potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase decision? If so, ask permission to share their story as a blog post. Discuss the problems that your customer was faced with before finding your product or service, how you were able to help, and where they are at with the situation today.

Share How You Give Back in Your Community

Whether you’re making sizable donations to local organizations in need or taking part in charitable events, take the time to share what your business is doing to give back. This is a great way to set yourself apart in your industry as a business that truly cares, building trust and creating the feeling of a ‘human’ connection between you and your audience.

Tell Your Origin Story

Customers love to learn about what inspired you to start your business as it provides them with a glimpse behind the scenes. Share your story about what inspired you to start your business, how you went about making that happen, and any challenges that you faced along the way. This humanizes your business, allowing them to connect with you on a more emotional level and creating a positive emotional connection with your brand.

Share Your Processes

Speaking of ‘behind the scenes’, pull the curtain back and reveal how you make your product, how your package your products, your shipping processes, the inner workings of your service, or what your work area looks like. Posts like this allow your customers to build trust with you and your business by offering transparency and showing that you have nothing to hide. It’s also a great relationship builder, revealing the human side of your business by showcasing the work you do.

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This is a great way to demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable individual, setting yourself up to be seen as a resource in your community. Share important information that educates your clients, discuss facts that relate to your industry, or share relevant studies and research that may be of interest to your potential clients. This could be information that relates directly to your product or service, or information that complements them in some way.

Share a How-To or Tutorial

If you are trying to create a creative business blog that inspires your community to try something new, try sharing a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to do something related to your product/service or your industry. If this involves a DIY project, you can also use this as an opportunity to build engagement on your blog or your social media platforms by encouraging anyone attempting the project to share their finished result.

Create a Resource List

Are there other products or services that would benefit your clients? This is a great opportunity to support other small business owners in your industry with related products or services to what you have to offer while also sharing key phone numbers and websites that could be helpful to your community. Helpful business blog topics like this are also a great way to attract new customers as they encourage your community to share your content with others who may be interested.

Have you taken note of a recent trend that is taking your industry by storm? While you don’t want all of your small business blog ideas to be tied to be time-sensitive, addressing an industry trend is a great way to attract a sudden spike in traffic, introducing new potential customers to your brand.

Create a Q&A Post

If your business has an active social media presence, use this platform to ask your community to share any questions they may have for you as a business, about your product, or about your industry. After collecting these questions, create a Q&A post sharing all the answers in one spot. This is also a great place to share any recent questions you have received from clients that you believe could also benefit others.

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Creating Your Own List of Small Business Topics to Write About

Are you feeling inspired to start working on your business blog? If so, a great place to start is by taking the broad ideas included here and create a list of unique blog ideas that will help you to achieve your content marketing goals.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through a process known as a ‘brain dump’. Sit down with a blank piece of paper and a pen. Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, depending on how long you feel comfortable focusing at any given time. As the timer starts, begin writing down all the blog post ideas that come into your mind. Don’t censor yourself, write down every idea that you think of even if you feel that an idea may not be good.  

After your timer has gone off, take a step back before looking back at your list. Now it is time to go through and organize your ideas. Cross off those that have absolutely no value to your business or that you don’t believe will relate at all to your audience. Highlight the ideas that you believe are the most important and should be written first.

Do this exercise regularly and you will never find yourself stuck without blog ideas again!

What is your process for coming up with new small business blog ideas? I invite you to share your tips and tricks in the comments to help other small business owners.

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